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Paranormal investigators looking into the mysterious happenings at a pot farm uncover a satanic dope dealer hell bent on unleashing the apocalypse.

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Reefers Creepers begins in the middle of a paranormal investigation led by Eddie, Patrick,
and Rene; a group of researchers who want to find proof and explain paranormal
occurrences. They are contacted by a mysterious client who wants to hire them to
document strange happenings at a cannabis grow farm in Colorado. Rene, the
intellectual oxymoron, convinces the other team members that it is the perfect opportunity
to conduct an experiment to heighten/alter their senses while on this trip. Not having much
luck on previous investigations, they figure what do they have to lose. With the contract
in hand and payment upfront, the guys trek to their destination in a beat-up, derelict
recreational vehicle packed full of camera gear, and an assortment of paraphernalia.
While making a less than desirable pit stop, the team members come across Jay, a
hitch hiker who is fond of marijuana and invites the guys to his house to investigate in
exchange for a quick trip. This detour allows the team to test out some of their newer gear
before making it to the client. The guys are introduced to Jane, a nymphomaniac with
a strong affinity for strangers and also girlfriend to Jay, when they arrive and set up. The
investigation gets underway without Rene, who goes mysteriously missing after partying a
little too hard. Meanwhile, strange things happen in Jay’s house, along with Jane seducing
both Eddie and Patrick, who later find Rene stumbling around in the dark house and
being the cause of the “paranormal” occurrences. Jay and Jane relax with some “Devil’s
Lettuce” and turn into monsters hell bent on killing all of the team members. The guys make
it out of there with their lives but wonder what exactly happened, deciding to keep this
side trip from their client.
Upon arriving in Colorado, the team is greeted by Chris, a condescending, arrogant
weed farmer who instantly has clashing attitudes with Eddie. The guys are given a tour,
rules, and told to stay in certain areas of the house for their investigation. As the night
progresses, Rene stumbles upon some suspicious activity from another room involving Chris’
employees. The team sneaks a camera for surveillance of that room and are surprised by
Chris’ peace offering of his own strain of “Devil’s Lettuce”. Rene, abstaining from partaking
in smoking the unusual herb, is attacked by Eddie and Patrick who have turned into blood
thirsty monsters similar to Jay and Jane. He escapes and hides for the night, finding them
to be back to normal in the morning. The guys assemble and decide to get to the bottom
of what is going on, ignoring the rules of the client and making their way into the forbidden
grow rooms. They uncover the secret that Chris has been hiding; a ritualistic summoning
of demons which are being imbued into his strain of cannabis to possess it’s smokers
and bring about the apocalypse. It becomes a fight of good vs evil in a hilarious battle
between the paranormal researchers and the possessed minions under Chris’ command.