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Production Team

directors and producers

something about the directors and producers

Our team is made of experienced producers, special effects artists, paranormal investigators and a first time feature film director.

Miguel Cantu


Patrick Newcomb


Jesus Sifuentes

Unit Production Manager

Rene Rodriguez


Eddie Hill


Movie Extras

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Save A Stoner - Reefers Creepers Donation Video

Follow the team that investigates paranormal occurrences into some insanely funny situations. See how much their senses are heightened as they come face to face with pure evil under the influence of all kinds of substances. Will they find out what is really going on? Are there supernatural forces causing weird things to happen?  See behind the scene photos exclusive to our production.


With the influence of demonic entities, Chris the cannabis farmer has created a strain of weed that possesses whoever smokes it with blood thirsty, ravenous spirits hell bent on destroying humanity. Find the mapped out locations where reports have been made.


There have been reports of possessions all over the world now with this new strain of marijuana. Send us your videos so we can feature them on our website. You might even make it into the movie itself!

movie awards

the story of weed, suspense, and comedy

This movie isn’t going to win any Academy Awards, but it will win your heart with it’s uproariously funny antics, genuinely hilarious cast, and jokes so corny that all you need is a microwave and some butter to enjoy.

Filmmakers about the movie

There hasn't been a film about weed in forever! Thank you to Altered Vision Studios for producing a sure to be cult-classic!

This is sick and demented and is nothing but low-brow toilet humor! I LOVE IT!

This cast is amazing! I am excited to see what kind of hijinks these guys get into while stoned out of their minds! Can Not Wait!

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the story of weed, suspense, and comedy
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